~ Bringing the uniqueness of Asia to the UK countryside 

The Asian Food Market, organised by Global UK Asia, is an event to showcase Asian culture, food and arts. The purpose of the event is to introduce the different Asian ethnic cuisines in UK countryside. The event aims to give audiences a better understanding of the world with the exposure of different culture as well as to preserve the Asian culture and heritage by making it accessible to a wider audience, which results in the appreciation and inspiration to further explore the Asian culture.

The Asian Food Market is held in several towns in the countryside of the UK, previously in Cheltenham and Cirencester. At our events, you can find a variety of ethnic cuisines from a range of countries, some of which include Philipines, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thailand, Indian, Tibet, Borneo, Vietnamese and Persian food. We work with the local council and private organisation to make our event a successful one. If you would like us to hold an event in your local town, please drop us an email.


We are always on the look out for traders who would like to take part in our events to sell Asian cuisines or crafts. Please drop us an email if you are interested to get involved in our upcoming events.

Stalls enquiries: info@globalukasia.co.uk

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